Ol' Freckles was great in Halloween Kills

2021.10.15 22:29 PanicOnFunkatron Ol' Freckles was great in Halloween Kills

Ol' Freckles was great in Halloween Kills If you have the opportunity to see it, Ol' Billy Redface did a great job playing Tommy Wallace in Halloween Kills

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2021.10.15 22:29 Spiceb0x Anybody remember this game?

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2021.10.15 22:29 Altruistic-Aerie7928 I am once again (2nd day in a row woohoo!) asking you to be my bestie. (21F)

Hey y’all! Im Charlie. :) I’m on the hunt for a bestie. Why would you wanna be my BFF? I’m glad you asked!!
-I respond to texts in milliseconds.
-I LOVE Disney Channel.
-I’m the worlds most supportive BFF. Let’s fit check literally all the time!

If any of this peaks your interest, I’m your gal! Leave a comment or dm me if you’re interested in the spot! Please be female and include your age (over 18 please)! I look forward to hearing from y’all! :)
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2021.10.15 22:29 Yeahitschucho AIO fan setup

I have an NZXT Z63 currently set up in a push config, with a 3070 Vision OC having a cm or so space between the two. If I were to add a pull fan to the top portion and not the bottom since it would fit… would I be completely screwing something up potentially?
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2021.10.15 22:29 DoomerMentality1984 Is Squid Game like Kaiji?

Is the show like the anime Kaiji? I haven’t seen Squid Game, I’m just wondering. (I don’t care about spoilers.)
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2021.10.15 22:29 cuberhino [USA-PA] [H] paypal, cash [W] 5700XT, 5700, 1060, 1660 super

Paypal for payment, let me know!
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2021.10.15 22:29 basto202 My bough NFT disappeared (not displayed in Opensea metamask connection correct)

I bought NFT "Moody Krow #170" 5 days ago on OpenSea on Oct 10 for 0.1 ETH.
The NFT was correctly displayed in my Opensea account with my Metamask connection after I bought.
Now my NFT has disappeared in my Opensea account although it is correctly connected to my Metamask. I can't see the NFT in my Metamask either .
I didn't sell this NFT. I did not touch it after I bought. I don't think my Metamask account has been hacked (I still have other tokens).
Can you please tell me where is this NFT and how to display it again ? I really don’t understand. This was the first NFT I bought and now I have no trust any more.
My Metamask address : 0x5b40ff938547dE30f1Bb7Cfa79Cdf8C2422645DF
Details of the NFT displayed in Opensea
Contract Address: 0x2953399124F0cBB46d2CbACD8A89cF0599974963
Token ID: 22973981415824232355511239204010370002735759274692153467201195853831318011905
Token Standard: ERC-155:
Blockchain: Polygon
Metadata: Centralized
Transaction displayed in etherscan
Please tell me how I can retrieve it.
Thank you very much .
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2021.10.15 22:29 dienasdeva Book of ra magic slot

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2021.10.15 22:29 Minimum_Annual_5076 another adorable season 2 beast boy moment

another adorable season 2 beast boy moment so sweet when he hugs m'gann after they think Artemis has died
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2021.10.15 22:29 NarwhalAmbitious Using personal computer on work VPN

Hi HomeNetworking.
My partner has a work laptop that gives them a lot of trouble (very slow, processes appear and start eating 100% CPU, etc.) and generally causes them to be more unproductive than they otherwise would be. Unfortunately, it is fairly tamper-proof, they do not have root access, and IT at their company is a mess/unwilling to assist meaningfully (they will answer emails but they will not take much action beyond the usual suggestion of "have you tried restarting?").
My partner would be able to use their personal computer if they had access to the work VPN. My question is as follows: how could they spoof the VPN on their personal computer in order to work more productively?
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2021.10.15 22:29 GoneToDevNull Brim Referral Code - Get a $10 sign up bonus. 19538 - The No-Fee Foreign Exchange Card (Canada)

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Code does not expire and is unlimited. Enjoy
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2021.10.15 22:29 Thwifo19374 What are some websites, where I can buy nice high-quality clothing?

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2021.10.15 22:29 Aoh03 November's coming boys

Are you ready?
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2021.10.15 22:29 ASICmachine Bitcoin “Supertrend” Begins As Buy Signals Stack On All Major Timeframes (x-post from /r/Cryptocurrency)

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2021.10.15 22:29 KKHFan What if Steven Universe was raised by DC Superhero Girls (Supergirl, Batgirl, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern (Jessica Cruz), Zatanna and Bumblebee)

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2021.10.15 22:29 ItsFreezer Endless Summer appreciation post

I don’t know how I slept on this book for so long but I’m glad I came to my senses. Absolutely one of the best series on here. I just finished my second playthrough of all three books and I am bawling in the last chapter. I was not ready for that kind of emotion! This kind of storytelling and gameplay is why I LOVE this app so damn much and why I get so frustrated with the direction and quality of some of the other books…
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2021.10.15 22:29 ASICmachine What do people mean when they say "*X Coin* is built on the Ethereum/Cosmos/etc network"? (x-post from /r/Cryptocurrency)

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2021.10.15 22:29 Spazgrim Nex Rewards Discussion

Nex Rewards Discussion Poll blog here: https://secure.runescape.com/m=news/nex-rewards-?oldschool=1
Digging through the thread to discuss things is a pain so I wanted to just have a thread to make it easier and so everyone can see the info without having to jump between the poll and thread, or if you're at work and can't see.

First up: Ancient Godsword.

Statwise it's what you expect for a godsword. 50% special, double accuracy, 10% more damage, nothing new. What makes it special is supposed to be that, if it hits, 8 ticks later it deals 20 damage to the target and heals you 20.
Not sure if it sucks for PVP because I guess you could use it to set up for a gmaul combo but you'd need a freeze and also be putting up a big sign saying "I'm about to combo you!!!!!!!"
Seems mediocre for PVM really, not going to compete with the DWH and looks just like a worse version of the SGS for slayer. SGS special restores HP and Prayer, Ancient is just HP. SGS restores based on damage done (50% of damage done for HP, 25% for prayer), Ancient is just a flat additional 20 damage and 20 health. SGS special is guaranteed to heal at least 10 HP and 5 prayer points with potential for more while the Ancient special fizzles on a miss. If you're doing something like slayer I can't see picking this over the SGS. You also have to deal with keeping what you're fighting from moving five tiles AND alive until after 8 ticks to get healed which may just be inconvenient. I can't think of a single place this would really shine, maybe someone else can think of one but it just seems less reliable even when you don't care about prayer.

Second: Zaryte Bow

pvp: lol
Jagex had DPS graphs so I'm adding those too.

Single Target Graph

Multi-Target Graph
To clarify, shards = hit up to 2 targets. Vambraces + Shards = hit up to 3.
The graph doesn't have the DPS of the Zaryte Bow hitting only 2 targets but it's worse than 3-target chins so you REALLY need the vambraces in any situation with more than 2 targets. The graph could also use chins with 2 targets as well for those comparisons, but eyeballing it I'd guess Zaryte is bout 25% better than 2-target chins.
Zaryte Bow in PVM is off to a rough start since it sucks single-target, needs Nihil Shards to actually function, and a different drop from the same boss that's actually BIS in every ranged situation anyway to compete with black chins with 3 targets in range.
As a whole the bow is super niche. Even in that 2-3-target area where this bow truly shines, your DPS drops drastically once they die and you need to play NPC rodeo to continuously keep those targets close together to gain any benefit at all. We don't even know if it roll accuracy off the main target or individually so this might just suck even in situations it could be good, like Arma.
I do think it's neat though, and this is arguably the closest to useful the Zaryte Bow has ever been lol.

Third: Zaryte Vambraces

Finally, Ranged Gloves.
Not much to say really, they're just good. Funny that the Zaryte Bow is super reliant on them though.

Final Uniques: Virtus set.



Processing img yl76bp7o5ot71...
Equal accuracy to Ancestral, bit better defenses but the main difference is +1% damage for ancient spells comparatively and the spell set bonus.
From the bat these would be BIS for bursting but I don't think they really shine anywhere else?
The issue I see is that these effects make Ancients better when they're good but don't do anything to make them used anywhere else, which is kind of awkward because of how good things like Harm / Sang / Trident are. Like yeah these are awesome for Inferno and slayer tasks but, that's kind of it.
Other Drops
- Nihil Shards
These consumables are dropped by all foes in the Ancient Prison – including Nex. They can be used to charge the Zaryte Bow, or they can be crushed to make Nihil dust, which is a secondary ingredient in new Ancient Brew potions.
An Ancient Brew is a combination of Nihil dust and a Dwarf Weed potion, and requires 85 Herblore to make, giving 190 Herblore XP. When drunk, this primordial concoction boosts Magic by 5% +2 and restores Prayer by 10% +2 with the ability to boost up to 5% over the player’s base Prayer level. However, it also drains Attack, Strength and Defence by 10% +2, so think before you drink.
Brew is neat.
-Blood Essence
If a player creates a Blood Rune with an activated Blood Essence in their inventory, they have a chance to create additional Blood Runes, at a rate of 1,000 additional Blood Runes/charges per Essence. This will result in slightly fewer XP per hour, as the Blood Essence will take up inventory slots that you'd otherwise be using for more Dark Essence, but it will greatly increase your Runes per hour if you consistently have a Blood Essence active.
Good for irons I suppose?
- Ecumenical Key Shards
Gather 50 of these for one Ecumenical Key. Please note that you can't convert the Shards to a Key if you already have the cap on Keys.
nice addition.
-Ancient Ceremonial Robes
This set consists of a mask, top, legs, gloves and boots. They have the same stats as Monk Robes and will be added to the Collection Log. If you're familiar with Nex from old, note that wearing them no longer allows players to bypass the Essence Count required to take on Nex herself.
I feel like loot is kind of in an awkward position because there's related content on the horizon, so the devs are being stingy to start with.
I think a good starting point would be adding a few very meaningful upgrades like Torva or potentially adding some minor upgrades that could synergize with (or at least tease) what's coming out later. A broken Ancient Codex or an upgrade to the Ancient Staff that may not beat the competition but make the book more usable in other places.
Or even, what about ammo slot pieces? Torva's Blessing, Pernix's Blessing, Virtus' Blessing?
Final Thoughts
Loot is kind of in an awkward position I think just because of how niche everything is. The brew and the gloves are the only things that are truly upgrades without caveats which is weird considering this is Nex, who dropped the most desired loot in the game. Torva definitely is a good start, but Pernix AND Virtus could use more love too.
Also why'd you do Ancient Ceremonial Robes so dirty?
Anyway, happy to see Nex and would love to hear other opinions on this.
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2021.10.15 22:29 Mysterious_Yak_9032 Flokémon | Launching Now | 7% BNB rewards | NFT’s Preview is Ready to Release | Play to Earn Game in development

We will be releasing a Collectors Edition of NFT’s which are based on our Game. When they are sold the money will be used half as a buy back feature and the other half to Marketing/Development to make the chart always looking healthy.
Also we are in development of a game which is based to be a replica of PokemonGo simulation, with a system for players to have the chance to PvP for the native token Flokémon , being able to trade and upgrade along the way! As more NFTs are released the earlier models will be verified original and be the core of our gaming system.
The official Flokémon Go game is scheduled to be release December 14th, our team will be available to talk with through the whole process on the telegram voice chat for questions from our community. We will be posting process pictures and giving constant updates of our development as we progress! As our community builds and our project develops, we aim to update our roadmap and website to have a more professional outlook.
Flokémon - Launching Now
💸 7% BNB rewards
🎮 NFT’s & Gaming
💪 Massive marketing
🚀 100x potential
👨‍💻 Play to Earn Game
Total Supply: 1,000,000,000
Buy/Sell Tax 10%
7% Rewards in BNB
1% Marketing
2% LP
🔒 Liquidity locked : https://deeplock.io/lock/0x2cd45c32eca648a21e4654c05021efb28da822e9
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CONTRACT: 0xde9efe1423acc57ed0981e2cd9a3cddd1dc17b28
RENOUNCED OWNERSHIP: https://bscscan.com/token/0xde9efe1423acc57ed0981e2cd9a3cddd1dc17b28#readContract
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2021.10.15 22:29 breakfastj4ck Mech god mode

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2021.10.15 22:29 GamePro201X I think although 180rpm Hand Cannons are worse than a lot of other meta weapons, that they are still really good depending on the roll.

Just recently got a Posterity with full bore, accurized rounds, reconstruction, and rampage. It has a range of 31 meters when I’m ads and a range of around 20 meters with hipfiring (good hipfire accuracy too). I imagine it’s not good in 3v3 but it’s amazing in 6v6. Nearly got a we ran the other night. Rampage causes it to be able to 3 tap after one stack and 2 crit 1 body at 3 stacks from what I can tell
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2021.10.15 22:29 roughdeath how to tell someone you’re not interested in dating before they ask you out?

I’m in a bit of a predicament with a guy who is painfully obvious about his interest in me. I asked one of our mutual friends if she thought he was interested, and she said she knows he is.
He hasn’t made any moves as far as asking me out goes, but I’m wanting to nip it in the bud before it gets there. Any advice or similar experiences?
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2021.10.15 22:29 mobappbrowse New Zealand council ends contract with wizard after two decades of service

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2021.10.15 22:29 ASICmachine We are not at ATH yet : Bitcoin “Supertrend” Begins As Buy Signals Stack On All Major Timeframes (x-post from /r/Cryptocurrency)

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